ImaniFesto - Assessing Political Parties' Manifestos 

IMANIFESTO is a framework that assesses political parties’ manifestos using a coding system comprised of quantitative indicators. It analyses the status of implementation of pledges contained in the manifesto of the ruling party, the feasibility of manifestos presented by political parties prior to elections among other things. 

IMANIFESTO – 2015 Progress Report  

The IMANIFESTO (2015 Assessment Report) sought to ascertain the status of implementation of the over 540 promises of the 2012 NDC Manifesto. The report was an output-based assessment. It examined whether the deliverables in the ‘Advancing the Better Ghana Agenda’ (the 2012 NDC Manifesto) were being delivered. The entire assessment of the Manifesto resulted in an overall score of 47%. ~ Download report here