IMANI has over the years adopted a very inclusive human resource policy especially as a result of the fact that in order to be able to undertake the various tasks that we normally work on we always require various skills and expertise.

As research forms the main trust of our work, IMANI relies heavily on a constant stream of interns both from local and foreign universities to support our efforts. Our local and international reputation as one of the foremost policy research and advocacy organization’s on the continent means we are constantly inundated with request by students from various universities around the world for opportunities to intern with us.

IMANI’s organizational structure is comprised of the Board of Directors as well as a President, Head of Programs and Heads of Departments, who form the management team, and functional staff. The structure defines authority and accountability to the President and the respective heads of programs.

Currently the organization has staff strength of 13. This includes the four principals who form the key management staff, mid-level managers and then research assistants and interns.

Furthermore, we also have local and international partner organizations that support us in locating and recruiting well trained students with special skills and knowledge who will add to our internal capacity when working on special projects. Such efforts have achieved very good results as this year alone we have received interns from the United States, UK, Germany, Belgium, France and other parts of Europe, Kenay and from Universities in Ghana as well.

In a bid to ensure that our interns are effective and contribute meaningfully to our work we assign each intern to a designated area of research. While this is sometimes done with the intern’s peculiar area of interest we have also learned from experience that with the right level of training some interns perform spectacularly even in areas where they have no prior experience.

As a policy we do not limit interns to peripheral tasks. Instead we assign interns to internal teams to work on some of the big projects. We have found that this generally excites a lot of them as they get the opportunity to influence key policy discussions. These strategies we have adopted overtime has made IMANI an attractive destination for interns from all over the world.

Furthermore, our work is also largely complemented by experts and sometimes academics who have developed close affiliations with IMANI over the years. IMANI has a number of fellows and other close allies who are largely experts in areas such as Business, Finance, Tax, Natural Resources governance and more. We work very closely with these experts to ensure that the quality of our work is always at the highest possible level.

Continuous professional improvement is very useful to our work as we constantly work on different issues that crop up in Ghana’s policy space. From time to time, we conduct either local or external training for some or all staff to sharpen their skills and improve performance. Such programs are very important to ensure that we always stay relevant and on the cutting edge of our industry.


Project Implementation Team


Franklin Cudjoe-Project Lead (PhD in progress, Buckingham)

As project lead Franklin oversees the overall activities and projects undertaken. With solid competences especially in the areas of Policy Analysis and Economics, Franklin brings on board a wealth of expertise and a depth of experience, acquired both locally and internationally, that is unmatched in the industry.

Kofi Bentil-Team Member (Varied) Strategy Lead

Mr. Bentil works with the IMANI teams and helps shape our strategic direction as an organization. His deep educational and Consultancy experience in the area of strategy and marketing is well documented. We rely on his immense knowledge in our strategic planning, Economic and business planning and analysis as well as in setting our corporate goals and Objectives.

Theo Acheampong-Team Member, Energy Economist (PhD, in progress, Aberdeen)

IMANI latest fellow, Mr. Acheampong has gradually become an authority in the areas of Oil and Gas. He works with the team primarily as a resource person as far as analysis of policy as well as tracking and analyzing revenues from the Oil and Gas industry is concerned.

Maud Martei, Research Assistant & Editor

Ms. Martei heads the research team that undertakes research in such sectors as health and gender related issues. Her strong scientific background and experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S as well as her passion for maternal health makes her an excellent team member. Furthermore, Ms. Martei’s exemplary writing skills and technique has been exploited at IMANI. She currently acts as our unofficial in-house ‘scribe’, working with several team members to author acclaimed reports and articles in the Ghanaian media on behalf of IMANI.

Selorm Branttie-Team Member (MSc)

Mr. Branttie, a leading principal of IMANI is head of advisory council for our corporate communications and branding activities. Beyond these portfolio activities, he is an invaluable IT resource for us. His expertise in data analysis and interpretation is very crucial to all our analysis and reports.


Festus Ankrah-Team Member (Research Assistant) (Economist/ Data Analyst)

Mr. Akuetteh heads the research team on Economics and financial related issues. His keen interest and background as an economics major at the University of Ghana, has made a difference in our work thus far.

Sylvester Boahen-Team Member (Research Assistant)

Mr. Boahen works with the Energy team and plays a leading role in the Business team as well. Whiles his background is in Business, Mr. Boahen has over the period been groomed to become a key figure with deep knowledge and insight in the organization as far the Ghanaian energy sector is concerned. His team is responsible to many of the articles that IMANI publishes in this sector.

Zakita Bentum-Team Member(Research Assistant)

Ms. Bentum, a political Science graduate from the University of Illinois is a key team member particularly in the areas of political research and analysis. Her educational background and varied political interest both home and abroad makes her a very useful asset.

Bright Simons-Team Member, Policy and Data Analyst (Varied, Marie Curie & WEF Fellow)

Mr. Simons, an honorary Vice-President of IMANI and head of research, is an invaluable resource person particularly with regards defining and mapping out research strategies. His invaluable knowledge and experience in research as well as his ideas regarding key focus areas is vital to IMANI. His deep knowledge of technology has helped improve our work greatly over the years.

Sydney Casely-Hayford-Team Member, Financial Analyst (Chartered Accountant)

As one of IMANI closest allies Mr. Casely-Hayford works with IMANI specifically in Economic Policy Analysis, Financial and Monetary Policy Analysis and more specifically Tax policy analysis as well as other economic models required in our analysis of the economy. Mr. Casely-Hayford formidable expertise and experience in the areas of finance and economics makes him an invaluable asset to IMANI.

Patrick Stephenson-Team Member and Project Coordinator (MSc Dev. Finance, Business Economics & Accounting)

As project and research coordinator, Patrick supervises the work of all research assistants. As one of IMANI’s longest serving employees Patrick has in-depth understanding not only of research and aanalytical models but also thoroughly understands the IMANI philosophy of work. He thus acts as an interface between the management team and the research team.  With a strong finance and accounting background Patrick works directly with other team members in streamlining IMANI's accounts and finances.

Aboagye Mintah-Team Member (Business Lead)

Mr. Mintah heads the research team which focuses on Business, industry and other commercial activities. His keen passion for Business and entrepreneurship makes him an ideal candidate for this task. His strength in marketing has also been very useful to IMANI as he has championed the organization’s quest to partner corporate entities for support and partnerships.

Isidore Kpotufe -Team Member (Communication Manager) (Project Lead – IMANI Francophone)

Mr. Kpotufe, is IMANI's Communication Manager. He is also our in-house French expert. He helps translate all our articles into French for publication. Mr. Kpotufe is Project lead at IMANI Francophone (, a project dedicated to Francophone Africa. 

Ernest Ashittey-Team Member (Research Assistant) (Political & Social Scientist, BA)

Mr. Ashittey leads the research team with a focus on Politics and Education. His background and passion for politics moves the team to excel.

Ernest Ashittey-Team Member (Research Assistant) (Political & Social Scientist, BA)

Mr. Ashittey leads the research team with a focus on Politics and Education. His background and passion for politics moves the team to excel.

Ruby Nutor-Team Member(Research Assistant)

Ms. Nutor is a key team member ably supporting our work in economic policy research. She is currently on the verge of graduating with an MPhil in economics from the University of Ghana, specializing in International Economics and Public Finance. Her knowledge and hands on understanding of Ghana’s economy is very valuable to the team.