IMANI has grown, within a short time of its existence, to become a stalwart for encouraging reality-based solutions to a complex array of economic and social problems in and beyond Ghana. IMANI is known to highlight those critical areas of economic and political policy that find resonance across the artificial borders of Africa. The think-tank courts audience from important policy makers and drives policy matters to the very top of the priority lists of African governments and their allies in the intergovernmental and non-governmental communities. The World Bank has on a number of occasions, collaborated with IMANI, as a whole, and with its fellows.

Ishac Diwan, World Bank Country Director
Ghana, Africa Region,(Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ghana

I give them [IMANI] the highest points for being most specific and rigorous in applying free-market solutions to an array of complex social problems. Their submission shows the importance of using rigorously derived, quantifiable research outputs to gain credibility in shaping the policy debate. Crisp, clear, compelling data is the most useful tool to provide to any media outlet, and it's easy for the media to use, without interpretation.

One John Templeton Prize Judge
United States of America

Recommendation for the '2013 ONE Africa Award': IMANI Centre for Policy and Education

STAR-Ghana is a multi-donor pooled fund supporting civil society and Parliament to advocate for increased transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the governance of public goods and services delivery in Ghana. (www.star-ghana.org)

IMANI has grown to be one of the leading civil society research and advocacy organisations in Ghana, at the forefront of innovative thinking to address the country’s developmental challenges. It is one of the very few think tanks unafraid to ask the difficult questions and to challenge conventional thinking by policy makers and citizens.

IMANI has in the recent months taken on the issue of access to quality education for all children in Ghana and managed to put together a panel of eminent citizens and education experts. IIMANI, through this panel, has been able to get the President of the Republic to publicly agree to reconsider on of the pillars of his campaign manifesto, a promise to build teacher training colleges across the country.

In recognition of their effectiveness, STAR-Ghana is supporting IMANI with a small grant to strengthen their organisational systems and processes and work towards the sustainability of the organisation.

I recommend IMANI for any support that may be available to enable them continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in ensuring equitable and sustainable development in Ghana.

Kind Regards

Star Ghana
Accra, Ghana