Welcome to the Imani Gambia School

Babylon , Kombo North
Western Region
Gambia, West Africa

The idea of starting the Imani Gambia School project was conceived more than five years ago. It all started after a visit to the Gambia by Dr. Francine Fulton and her team five years ago. She met a young man by the name of Modou Barry, and after fruitful discussions she was later introduced to Sulayman Barry. He took them to the Gambia College (teacher training college) and to some schools both in the urban and rural areas. They met teachers, students and had extensive discussions with them. She discovered the conditions that school children are faced with especially those in rural areas. Having seen some of the unfavorable conditions coupled with the love she has for educating children, she thought that there must be something she could do to contribute to the education of the African children and complement Government efforts in providing education for all.


From that period on Dr. Fulton started her campaign for the establishment of a school in the Gambia.  The Barry brothers and Dr. Fulton started searching  for land where the school could be built.  They went from village to village until finally they settled on the Babylon Village Community.  The good part of the deal was the land was given to Dr. Fulton without cost.  It should be noted that  acquiring such a piece of land would have cost close to $20,000US dollars.
Babylon is a rapidly growing community where most of the people are involved in agriculture.  The closest school for them is a small nursery school that struggles to provide a good education.  Most of the children in the village are from ages (4-6) and do not go to school.    The main objective for building the school is to provide quality education to the community of Babylon with minimal cost.The school catchment area is habited by people whose main economic activity is farming.  It is not a well-off community and parents spend most of their time looking for money to buy food and other basic necessities for their families.  So often, these parents can only make one to two dollars each day, no matter how hard they work.The great things about sponsorship is the opportunity to help others in ways  they cannot help themselves.  It takes a big heart and I am already thankful for yours, to help and give these children a better life today and tomorrow.  You will be in many ways an answer to a mother’s greatest hope.
We thank all of our supporters who have contributed to helping us build dreams for others. Every gift from supporters like you creates opportunities for these children to be successful on their path of education.
We thank you in advance for being a part of this important project.  We cannot do it without you.

Take a look at our videos to see what we have been doing. 

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